Storms Always Pass

It’s hard to sleep during a storm due to all of the commotion and turbulence (thunder, lightning, power outages, heavy rain, etc.). Endure the storm and remember it is always quiet and calm after a storm. You can predict the future weather and outcome during these times because you have endured many storms throughout your life, therefore you can REST DURING THE STORM knowing the end is inevitable. Storms are 100% temporary, there is always an end to them, some last longer than others, and you no longer have to seek shelter once it is over. No longer needing shelter means you can let your guards down, don’t proceed through life with walls up while refusing to let others in because it stormed 6 months ago. What I really mean is don’t make current relationships fail because you are still protecting yourself from the turbulence that occurred in previous relationships, friendships, or during a previous time in your life. That storm is over so stop doing a rain dance to create another storm. If you create unnecessary storms by doing that rain dance that you do (accusing, complaining, being abusive, being negative, being negligent, and refusing to give love) you will regret it and possibly ruin the best thing(s) that ever happened to you. People that you love will leave, and you will find yourself alone, bitter, and making excuses for your behavior. If you allow yourself to walk back out into the sunshine after a storm you will feel the sun shining on your face, hear the birds chirping, flowers blooming, and you might get a bonus since rainbows are sometimes visible after a storm. You are no longer in danger so come out of the basement, let the umbrella down, roll down your windows, and live again!

Carmel Brown LCPC

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