It’s easy being you

Trying to be something or someone you are not is stressful, overwhelming, and outright difficult. I recently watched the story on the life of the great late Whitney Houston. One common theme I heard throughout the documentary from her loved ones was that she wanted to be normal, ordinary, and “regular.” It was reported that even when being admitted to drug rehab, she didn’t want to attend a high-priced rehabilitation center for wealthy people. My thoughts are that Whitney’s life might have gone completely different if she had realized she was extraordinary rather than ordinary and lived her life accordingly. Whitney Houston carried on as if she was a little bit different rather than significantly different than the average person. I wonder how things might have been different for her if she’d realized she was an eagle and not a chicken. The same is true for many of us who still remain on this earth. Is it time you realize you were born extraordinary? Is it past time that you stop trying to hang on the yard with the chickens and fly with the eagles? I am by no means disregarding the fact that chickens are wonderful creatures, however they are not extraordinary, could never fly with eagles, and most of their destiny is to end up on someone’s dinner plate. If an eagle were to land in the chicken coop those who observed it would take all of the attention off of the chickens, watch with fascination, and wonder how in the world this eagle ended up there. Many would probably try to let the eagle out or encourage it to fly away because it obviously isn’t supposed to be there. If somehow a chicken were soaring in the sky’s with eagles…..well, that’s not possible so we will leave that there. Do you see where I am going? I am sure many people tried to encourage Whitney to get out of the chicken coop or to fly away….but she was more comfortable in the chicken coop. If you are an eagle you must be intentional about spending time around other eagles. This is a constant reminder of who you are, what you are capable of, and what you represent. It’s ok to hang around with different birds, but don’t spend too much time in the chicken coop. Use your wings…they work! FLY EAGLE FLY!

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