Climbing out of darkness

We all go through difficult times at some point throughout our lives. Many people fall into the deep darkness of depression during those difficult times. This depression can be debilitating and sometimes life-threatening. If you find it hard to get out of bed, you begin to isolate yourself from others, your interpersonal relationships are suffering, you lose interest in activities you once enjoyed, and you have a persistent low mood it is highly likely that you are experiencing an episode of depression. Scheduling an appointment with a licensed professional clinician will help you get through this time. A professional counselor can assess whether you have the coping skills necessary to manage the symptoms, whether you need a referral for psychiatry, or whether hospitalization is necessary. A licensed counselor can also help identify triggers and develop a plan that includes effective and healthy coping skills, and to ensure your chances of living a manageable and productive life are increased.

In addition to seeing a professional, surround yourself with people who are supportive, care about your well-being, and who you can be genuine with. Engaging in some type of extracurricular activity is also a good idea. This will prevent further isolation, and possibly increase your support group. Don’t forget to dive into a good book! Reading on a topic that motivates you, educates you, or inspires you can change your entire mood and promote positive thoughts.

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