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WHY Club Exhilaration…

I happened upon the video of Club Exhilaration which was shared by a connection on Facebook. The Club was starting a new session/boot-camp program in a couple of weeks! I also received information on another program that was closer to my home, however I was not convinced it was right for me. Club Exhilaration video shared program details that seem to capture exactly what I needed to jump start my fitness; moreover, it offered counseling sessions, and a meal plan. I immediately reached out and to my surprised received an immediate response.

After the tour and presentation, I made the decision without delay that I had to try this! The staff, the facility, the counseling, and the meal plans are worth far more than the total program cost. It is worth driving the extra distance. Now, I will admit after the first session I thought to myself, OH MY GOODNESS…WHAT HAVE I DONE! I came back… Why? Because the trainer was so encouraging at the end of the session. There was no judgement, only encouragement. The positive reinforcement – you did good tonight. After thinking about it, I was like yes, I did. He was right…I went from not even believing I could stretch my arms above my head to lifting them higher than I had in almost a year! Of course, results vary but it was AMAZING how quickly I notice a difference and not just in my appearance, my emotional well-being had improved. I felt like I had taken a giant step in the right direction and this only after two weeks. There were also a few additional benefits that totally impressed me. They included coach check-ins, weekend reminders about staying on track and full gym access. ALL this at an amazing price! BEST of all, this program seriously works!

In closing, I feel compelled to say this…Everyone knows it takes money to run a business, however you know, without question, the dollar is not at all what drives this team! Club Exhilaration staff is passionate, invested, supportive and committed to helping their clients become healthier… mind and body! I encourage everyone to Invest in “YOU” today! Give Club Exhilaration a try. You will not regret it!

Barbara Y


At age 57 I have never been this exhilarated about fitness in my entire life. I am very proud of myself and Club Exhilaration Staff. Great results! -V.B.

Since Joining Club Exhilaration my family and I have enjoyed working out together. We are all seeing the changes in our bodies! -E.W..

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable! The facility is clean and pleasant, it's been a great experience. -C.W.

This is a great place to workout and it will change your life. - B.B.